Arizona Ames

Betty Zane

Call of the Canyon, The

  • Bingham, E.A., Grey, Z. & Schroeder, D. (1923). Call of the Canyon. Filmclip. Paramount Pictures. Website: Youtube.

Code of the West

Desert of Wheat, The (my review)

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  • Worster, D. (2004). Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s. Oxford University Press.

Desert Gold

Fighting Caravans

Heritage of the Desert, The

Last Trail, The

Lost Wagon Train, The

Man of the Forest, The

Raiders of Spanish Peaks (my review)

Riders of the Purple Sage

The Spirit of the Border

The Thundering Herd

The Border Legion (book-review)

Thunder Mountain

Trail Driver, The

U.P. Trail, The

West of the Pecos

Wildfire (my review)

Young Forester, The (Ken Ward Books for Young Boys)

Young Lion Hunter, The (Ken Ward Books for Young Boys)

26 Miles Across the Sea
General sources:

–Annual Report of the Department of the Interior

A Permaculture Interpretation of Bella Monte

Arizona history: The Hashknife outfit, from rogues to riders

Arkansas Arthropods in History and Folklore: Honey Bees

Arizona Rangers: Captain Burton C. Mossman

Barbed Wire, Barbaric Backlash

Biowarfare Against Agriculture

Canadian War Museum: Canadian Observation Post

Catalog of copyright entries 1958

Colombian and Peru Governments Publicly Apologizes for Amazonian Rubber Boom

Countries and Cultures: Piutes

Curtis Publishing (The Country Gentleman covers)

DBGale Encyclopedia of Biography: Zane Grey

Death is part of our history

Death in the Devil’s Paradise

Diamond “A” Cattle Company

Efficient Hunting of Feral Colonies


Galactic Central: Magazines with Zane Grey stories

G.M. Farley Collection, 1908-1986

Grand County, Colorado History

Goodreads Homeville (list of magazines)

Hunting Wild Honey

‘I shall never come back to Arizona’ – Zane Grey

Illustrated bibliography

Images of the daring feat of Elizabeth Zane

IMDb – Zane Grey

Legends of America: The Largest Land Grant in US History: The Maxwell Land Grant

Library of Congress, USA

Making It Work: Monument Development, 1910-1955

Markman, Jon; A Homage From Zane Grey’s Son : Loren Grey, 70, Writes a Tribute to Father He Hated; LA Times, 28 May 1986

Mississippi Forages


National Park Service: Death Valley

Native Americans:

Navajo County Library: Andy Blevins

New Mexico Legends: The Maxwell Land Grant

Ohio Biographies

Online dictionaries:

Portrait of an Old Time Teamster

Properties of Violence: Law and Land Grant Struggle in Northern New Mexico Richard Trahan photography

Southwest Crossroads: “The Country of the People”

The Adult Western

The Best and the Worst of the Silent Westerns

The Environmental Movement’s Most Published and Least Acknowledged Author

The Enslavement of Amazon Natives During the Rubber Boom

The Hutchinson News, 4 April 1925, p. 10

The Legends of Pancho Villa

The Man Who Lived Two Lives in One

The mystery of the missing Amazonian rubber slaves

The Myth of Progress

The Pacific Railway: A Brief History of Building the Transcontinental Railroad

The Putumayo Affair

The Sand Creek Massacre National Historical Site: Shifting Sands

The Santa Fe Trail: Kit Karson

The Upper Amazonian Rubber Boom and Indigenous Rights 1900-1925

This Day in History: Henry Plummer is elected sheriff of Bannack, Montana

Timeline of the American Bison

Tom Horn: A Pinkerton Agent (undercover work in the Wild West)

Transcontinental Railroad & the Western Indian Wars

Turner Classic Movies:

Tuska, J. (ed); The Western Story: A Chronological Treasury; Lincoln and London, University of Nebraska Press, 1995. PDF files of some of the magazines with Zane Grey Stories in them

U.S. Forest Service History: Personal Stories

Violence and Lawlessness on the Western Frontier

Warfare Tactics on the Frontier

Was Aldo Leopold Right About the Kaibab Deer Herd?

Wheeling History:

Understanding Zane Grey:


Willa Cather in and out of Zane Grey’s West Wild Horses of America, A History

WorldCat Identities

Yesteryear Once More

Zane Grey’s Forgotten Ranch: Tales from the Boles Homestead

Zane Grey Inc.

Zane Grey Papers: A Finding Aid to the Collection in the Library of Congress: Prepared by Manuscript Division Staff Revised and expanded by Kimberly Owens

Zane Grey Theater (from Radio Rides the Range): Stan Claussen (Kindle)

Zane Grey’s West Society

 Zane Grey’s Wild West: A Study of 31 Novels by Victor Carl Friesen (2014)



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