1956-1961: Zane Grey Theatre / Dick Powell Zane Grey Theatre (CBS)

Created by Luke Short and Charles A. Wallace

Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre, sometimes simply called Zane Grey Theater, is an American Western anthology series which ran for 5 seasons and 149 episodes on CBS from 1956 to 1961.  The series was originally based on the short stories and novels of Western author Zane Grey, but as the episodes continued, new material was included.  The program opened with a prelude of the episode followed by the introduction, the firing of a gun, with the proclamation: “From out of the West, Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre.”  (Matinee Classics)

Reviews: Paul Mavis, Zebradelic


Radio adaptations

Robber's Roost Radio Show, 1931;  Wynn Wright and Florence Hedges

Robber’s Roost Radio Show, 1931;
Wynn Wright and Florence Hedges


1931: WWJ, Wynn Wright, production manager

Station WWJ aired the program in May 1931.” (Arizona’s Little Hollywood) with Wynn Wright as Jim Hall and Florence Hedges as Helen.

1933: WXYZ, Detroit: George Trendle/Fran Striker

1947: Hollywood and New York: Paul Franklin writer / Harry Zimmerman music

  • The Adventures of Tex Thorne (Zane Grey Show) (Stan Clausen)
  • Episodes of The Zane Grey Show (Castroller Podcasts)

1993: The Lone Star Ranger (Yksinäisen tähden harhailija) on Finnish Radio



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