Film adaptations Last Trail - 1921 edition


Born to the West (my book-review)

The Call of the Canyon (my book-review)

Canyon Walls

Captives of the Desert (my book-review)

Code of the West (my book-review)

Desert Gold (my book-review)

The Desert of Wheat (my book-review)

The Drift Fence (my book-review)

(1936) / Drift Fence

The Dude Ranger

Fighting Caravans / Wagon Wheels

Forlorn River (my book-review)

Life in the Raw  (1933) (based on From Missouri)

Golden Dreams (Unpublished novel by Zane Grey)

Knights of the Range (1940)

The Light of Western Stars (my book-review)

Lightning (short-story)

The Lone Star Ranger / The Last of the Duanes (my book-review)

The Man of the Forest (my book-review)

The Maverick Queen  (1956) (my book-review)

The Mysterious Rider (my book-review)

Nevada (my book-review)

Outlaws of Palouse/The Horse Thief

Raiders of Spanish Peaks (my book-review)

The Rainbow Trail (my book-review)

Robbers’ Roost (my book-review)

Stairs of Sand (my book-review)

Sunset Pass (my book-review)

The Thundering Herd (my book-review)

To the Last Man (my book-review)

Twin Sombreros (my book-review)

The U.P. Trail (my book-review)

Under the Tonto Rim / The Bee Hunter (my book-review)

The Vanishing American (my book-review)

Valley of Wild Horses

Wanderer of the Wasteland (my book-review)

The Water Hole (1928)

West of the Pecos (my book-review)

Western Union: 1941 (my book-review)

  • 194

Wild Horse Mesa (my book-review)



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