Film adaptations

Border Legion

  • 1918: The Border Legion
  • 1924: The Border Legion
  • 1930: The Border Legion
  • 1934: The Last Round-Up
  • 1940: West of the Badlands

Call of the Canyon

Canyon Walls

Captives of the Desert

Code of the West (my book-review) 1925 and 1947

Desert Gold (my book-review):

Desert of Wheat (my book-review): Riders of the Dawn, 1920

Drift Fence (my book-review)

Dude Ranger

Fighting Caravans

Forlorn River (my book-review)

Life in the Raw  (1933) (based on From Missouri)

Golden Dreams (Unpublished novel by Zane Grey)

The Heritage of the Desert

Knights of the Range (1940)

The Last Trail

The Light of Western Stars (my book-review)

Lightning (short-story)

The Lone Star Ranger / The Last of the Duanes (my book-review)

The Man of the Forest (my book-review)

The Maverick Queen  (1956)

The Mysterious Rider (my book-review)

Nevada (my book-review)

Outlaws of Palouse/The Horse Thief

Raiders of Spanish Peaks (my book-review)

The Rainbow Trail (my book-review)

Riders of the Purple Sage

Robbers’ Roost (my book-review)

Stairs of Sand

Sunset Pass (my book-review)

Thunder Mountain/To the Last Man

The Thundering Herd (my book-review)

To the Last Man (my book-review)

Twin Sombreros

The U.P. Trail (my book-review)

Under the Tonto Rim / The Bee Hunter (my book-review)

The Vanishing American (my book-review)

Valley of Wild Horses

Wanderer of the Wasteland (my book-review)

The Water Hole (1928)

West of the Pecos (1931)

Western Union: 1941


Wild Horse Mesa (my book-review)



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