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Thunder Mountain film adaptation 1935

Roaring Mountain, 1935: Information from IMDb

Publisher Sol Lesser Productions and John Zanft
Directed by David Howard; Assistant director Raoul Pagel
Adapted for screen by Daniel Jarrett and Don Swift


George O'BrienGeorge O’Brien…Kal Emerson; Barbara FritchieBarbara Fritchie…Sydney Blair; Frances GrantFrances Grant…Nugget; Morgan WallaceMorgan Wallace…Rand Leavitt; George 'Gabby' HayesGeorge ‘Gabby’ F. Hayes…Foley; Edward LeSaintEdward LeSaint…Samuel Blair; Dean Benton (1914-1996)Dean Benton…Steve Sloan; William BaileyWilliam Norton Bailey…Cliff Borden; Sid Jordan (1989-1970)Sid Jordan…Warns Leavitt; Victor Adamson (1890-1970)Victor Adamson…Dissident Miner at Bar; Hank BellHank Bell…Barfly; Harry BowenHarry Bowen…Miner Cheated by Leavitt; Neal HartNeal Hart…Dissident Miner at Bar; Lloyd IngrahamLloyd Ingraham…Dissident Miner at Bar; Clyde McClary…Barfly; Lafe McKeeLafe McKee…Dissident Miner at Bar; Hal PriceHal Price…Dissident Miner at Bar; Carl StockdaleCarl Stockdale…Investor Refusing Cal’s Loan Request; Harry TenbrookHarry Tenbrook…Miner Voting; Arthur Thalasso…Bartender.

Cinematography by Frank B. Good

Film Editing by Robert O. Crandall

Art Direction by Ralph M. DeLacy

Production Manager Edward Gross

Sound by Richard (Dick) E. Tyler

Stunts by Sid Jordan

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Film based on To the Last Man, 1933

To the Last Man, 1933: Information from IMdB

Produced by Paramount Pictures, Harold Hurley

Directed by Henry Hathaway

Adapted by Jack Cunningham


Randolph ScottRandolph Scott…Lynn Hayden; Esther RalstonEsther Ralston…Ellen Colby; Jack La RueJack La Rue…Jim Daggs; Buster CrabbeBuster Crabbe…Bill Hayden; Barton MacLaneBarton MacLane…Neil Stanley; Noah BeeryNoah Beery…Jed Colby; Gail PatrickGail Patrick…Ann Hayden Stanley; Egon Brechter (1880-1946)Egon Brecher…Mark Hayden; Muriel KirklandMuriel Kirkland…Molly Hayden; Fuzzy KnightFuzzy Knight…Jeff Morley; James C. Eagles…Eli Bruce; Eugenie BessererEugenie Besserer…Granny Spelvin; Harlan Knight (1874-1940)Harlan Knight…Grandpa Chet Spelvin; Jay Ward (1921-1989)Jay Ward…Lynn Hayden – as a Child; Erville AldersonErville Alderson…Judge; Tom Bay…Wounded Hayden Man; James BurkeJames Burke…Kentucky Sheriff; Rosita Butler…Ann Hayden-as a Child; John CarradineJohn Carradine…Pete Garon; Harry CordingHarry Cording…Colby Man Fred; William Gillis…Hayden Man; Cullen Johnson…Bill Hayden-as a Child; Ethan LaidlawEthan Laidlaw…Colby Man; Jim MasonJim Mason…Colby Man Joe; Russ Powell…Greaves; Dick Rush (1884-19..)Dick Rush…Prison Guard; Shirley TempleShirley Temple…Mary Stanley; Blackjack WardBlackjack Ward…Colby Man; Delmar Watson (1926-2008)Delmar Watson…Tad Stanley; Maston WilliamsMaston Williams…Colby Man

Cinematography by Ben F. Reynolds

Film Editing by Jack Scott

Art Direction by A. Earl Hedrick

Composers John Leipold and Ralph Rainger

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Riders of the Purple Sage, 1986 Theatre Adaptation

In 1986 the Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas filmed the premiere of their version of Riders of the Purple Sage. Based on the make-up the cast wears it seems likely that the theatre adaptation is partly based on the 1925 movie.



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Riders of the Purple Sage, 2017 Western Opera adaptation

2017 Western Opera adaptation of Riders of the Purple Sage. Information from Arizona Opera.

Jane Withersteen, a devout Mormon woman, has inherited a sprawling ranch from her father. With all the wealth and power her ranch represents, Jane is under pressure from the church to marry Elder Tull and add her land, herd, and spring to the growing Mormon settlement of Short Creek. When Jane resists Tull’s advances, he resorts to threatening to whip her head rider, Venters, on a trumped-up charge. Lassiter, a mysterious gunman, arrives in time to save Venters and drive off the Mormons. Lassiter has come to see the grave of Milly Erne, who was a dear friend to Jane. He asks about Milly’s daughter, who was taken by the church when she was a baby. When rustlers steal one of Jane’s herds, Venters rides off to confront them, knowing the feared Masked Rider is among them. He wounds the Masked Rider, and is astonished to discover a girl named Bess beneath the rider’s mask…. (Arizona Opera)

Craig Bohmler, Composer

Steven Mark Kohn, adapted by Librettist

Ed Mell, Scenic Designer

Fenlon Lamb Fenlon Lamb, Stage Director

Joseph Mechavich Joseph Mechavich, Conductor

Krstin Atwell Ford Kristin Atwell Ford, Co-Producer

Karin Wolverton Karin Wolverton, Jane Withersteen

Laura Wilde Laura Wilde, Jane Withersteen

Morgan Smith Morgan Smith, Lassiter

Joshua Jeremiah Joshua Jeremiah, Lassiter

Joshua Dennis Joshua Dennis, Bern Venters

Amanda Opuszynski Amanda Opuszynski, Bess

Kristopher Irmiter Kristopher Irmiter, Bishop Dyer

Keith Phares Keith Phares, Elder Tull

Hugo Vera Hugo Vera, Judkins


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Riders of the Purple Sage, 1996 film adaptation

… in 1871. Jane Withersteen, a Mormon-born spinster of 28, has inherited a valuable ranch and spring from her father, which is coveted by other Mormons in the community. When Jane refuses to marry one of the Mormon elders, Deacon Tull. He is angry at her because she has befriended Bern Venters, a young man who works on her ranch and whom she has saved from a brutal whipping at the hand of the Mormons, they begin to persecute her openly. Meanwhile, Lassiter, a notorious gunman, arrives at the Withersteen ranch in search of the grave of his long-lost sister, Millie Erne. It doesn’t take him long to see that this community is controlled by the corrupt Deacon Tull who is a powerful elder. He is trying to take Jane’s land by forcing her to marry him, by harassing Venters and by branding her foreman as a dangerous outsider. He ends up staying on as Jane’s defender while Venters is on the trail of a gang of cattle rustlers that includes a mysterious Masked Rider. Jane is eventually driven off her ranch as the persecution escalates, but she and Lassiter fall in love. Lassiter eventually solves the mystery of his sister’s death when Jane tells him the story of what happened to Millie, and they also discover that the masked rider is Bess, his niece. Tull, Pastor Dyer and the men riding with them are all killed, leaving Jane and Lassiter free to love each other. (RoTPS)

Reviews of the movie may be found on IMDB

Produced by Amer Productions, Rosemont Productions International and Zeke Productions

  • Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, David A. Rosemont, Thomas John Kane and Stella Theodoulou

Directed by Charles Haid

  • Craig West, David Fudge, Dirk Craft, Peggy Stuber

Adapted by Gill Dennis

Cast (in credits order):

Ed Harris Ed Harris …Jim Lassiter; Amy Madigan Amy Madigan …Jane Withersteen

Henry Thomas Henry Thomas …Bern Venters; Robin Tunney Robin Tunney …Elizabeth Erne

Norbert Weisser Norbert Weisser …Deacon Tull; G.D. Spradlin G.D. Spradlin …Pastor Dyer

Lynn Wanlass Lynn Wanlass …Hester Brandt; Bob L. Harris …Collier Brandt

Jerry Wills …Oldring; Rusty Musselman …Matthew Blake

Tom Bower Tom Bower …Judkins; Erin Neal …Background

Stunts by Alvin William ‘Dutch’ Lunak, Chris Branham, Fenton Quinn, Glade Quinn, Gwynn Turnbull Weaver, Jim Wilkey, Johnny Hock, Mark Warrick, Mike Watson, Monty Stuart, Rusty Hendrickson

Music by Arthur Kempel and Bill Purse

Cinematography and editing by William Wages and David Holden, Skip Adams, Amy Carey, LaReine Johnston, David D. Williams

Effects by

  • Thomas Fife, Mitchell Medford and Matt Vogel
  • John R. McConnell, Phillip O’Hanlon, Ray McIntyre Jr., and Reid Paul

Costume, Wardrobe and Make-up by

  • Durinda Wood
  • Cynthia D. Brenner, Bill Edwards, Judy Evers, Kris Hemenway and Amy J. Roberts
  • Richard Arias, Daniel Curet, Paul Huntley, Bren Plaistowe and  Jeffrey Sacino

Wranglers: Don Holyoak, Jesse Shepard, Joe Taylor and Rusty Hendrickson

Translated sub-titles and/or dubbing:

  • Austrian: Erbarmungslos und gefährlich
  • Brazilian Portugese: Cavaleiros do Crepúsuclo
  • Bulgarian: Ездачите от лилавите салвии
  • Finnish: Purppuratasangon ratsastajat
  • French: Les cavaliers de la mort
  • German: Lassiter – Erbarmungslos und gefährlich
  • Greek: I orgi tis moiras
  • Hungarian: Vadnyugati történet
  • Polish: Purpurowy jezdziec
  • Romanian: Secta profitorilor
  • Serbian: Veličanstveni jahači
  • Spanish: El jinete púrpura
  • Swedish: Viddernas ryttare
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Riders of the Purple Sage, 1931 film adaptation

1931: Riders of the Purple Sage: Information from IMdB

A Remake of two earlier silent films … Seeking traces of his lost sister and her two young daughters, Jim Lassister reaches the Utah ranch of Jane Withersteen. He offers to help save Jane and her property from the depredations of a gang of crooked officials, organized under Judge Dyer. (Les Adams)

Produced by Fox Film Corporation

  • Edmund Grainger

Directed by Hamilton MacFadden

  • 2nd assistant director Earl Rettig

Adapted by Barry Conners, John F. Goodrich and Philip Klein


George O'Brien George O’Brien …Jim Lassiter

Marguerite Churchill Marguerite Churchill …Jane Withersteen

Noah Beery Noah Beery …Judge Dyer

Yvonne Pelletier Yvonne Pelletier …Bess

James Todd …Vern Venters

Stanley Fields Stanley Fields …Oldring

Lester Dorr Lester Dorr …Judkins

Shirley Nail …Fay Larkin

Frank McGlynn Jr. Frank McGlynn Jr. …Adam Tull, Gang leader

Joe Brown …Bit Role

Dick Hunter …Rider

Cliff Lyons Cliff Lyons …Jed

Frank Meredith …Court Extra

Herman Nowlin …Rider

Vinegar Roan …Rider

Delmar Watson …Young Boy

Music by R.H. Bassett and Glen Knight

Cinematography by George Schneiderman

Costumes by Dolly Tree

Art by Don B. Greenwood

Stunts by Cliff Lyons

Presented by William Fox

Dubbed translations:

  • Austrian: Ritter der weiten Wüste
  • Brazilian Portugese: O Passo da Morte
  • Italian: L’amazzone mascherata
  • Portugese: O Salto Decisivo
  • Swedish: Den maskerade ryttaren
  • Ex-Yugoslavia Serbian: Jahaci rumene kadulje


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Riders of the Purple Sage, 1925 film adaptation

1925 Riders of the Purple Sage: Information from IMdB

Riders of the Purple Sage is a 1925 American silent western film … the film is about a former Texas Ranger who pursues a corrupt lawyer who abducted his married sister and niece. His search leads him to a remote Arizona ranch and the love of a good woman. (Wikipedia)

Produced by Fox Films Corporation

Directed by Lynn Reynolds

Adapted by Edfrid A. Bingham


Tom Mix Tom Mix …Jim Carson aka Jim Lassiter

Beatrice Burnham …Milly Erne

Arthur Morrison …Frank Erne

Warner Oland Warner Oland …Lew Walters aka Judge Dyer

Wilfred Lucas Wilfred Lucas …Oldring

Mabel Ballin …Jane Withersteen

Charles Le Moyne Charles Le Moyne …Richard Tull

Harold Goodwin Harold Goodwin …Bern Venters

Seessel Anne Johnson …Bess as a Child

Hank Bell Hank Bell …Barfly

Gary Cooper Gary Cooper …Rider

Mark Hamilton Mark Hamilton …Outlaw Mr. Tull’s Gang

Fred Kohler Fred Kohler …Henchman Tom Metzger

Charles Newton …Henchman Joe Herd

Marian Nixon Marian Nixon …Bess Erne

Joe Rickson …Henchman Dave Slack

Anne Shirley Anne Shirley …Fay Larkin

Cinematography by Daniel B. Clark

Costumes by Sam Benson

Music by composer William P. Perry

Presented by William Fox


Dubbed translations:

  • Austrian: Der Rächer/Die Todesreiter
  • Brazilan Portugese: O Passo da Morte
  • Finnish:
  • German: Der Rächer
  • French: Tom le vengeur
  • Hungarian: A legjobb rossz ember
  • Polish: Jezdzcy purpurowego stepu
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The Border Legion, 1940 film adaptation

The Border Legion, 1940: Information from IMdB

Produced by Republic Pictures

  • Associate producer Joseph Kane

Directed by Joseph Kane

Adapted by Olive Cooper, Louis Stevens and George Carleton Brown


Roy Rogers Roy Rogers …Dr. Stephen Kellogg, aka Steve Kells

George 'Gabby' Hayes George ‘Gabby’ Hayes …Honest John Whittaker

Carol Hughes Carol Hughes …Alice Randall

Joe Sawyer Joe/Joseph Sawyer …Jim Gulden

Maude Eburne Maude Eburne …Hurricane Hattie McGuire

Jay Novello Jay Novello …Santos

Hal Taliaferro Hal Taliaferro …Sheriff Amos Link

Dick Wessel Dick Wessel …Oscar Red McGooney

Paul Porcasi Paul Porcasi …Tony

Robert Emmett Keane Robert Emmett Keane …Willets

Eddie Acuff Eddie Acuff …Ticket Agent

Chuck Baldra …Townsman

Ed Brady Ed Brady …Gambler

Fred Burns …Miner

Bob Card Bob Card …Townsman

Spade Cooley Spade Cooley …Musician

Victor Cox …Barfly

Art Dillard …Saloon Patron

Curley Dresden …Miner

Joel Friedkin …Gus

Chick Hannan Chick Hannan …Henchman

Lew Kelly …Miner

Jack Kirk Jack Kirk …Jack

Cactus Mack Cactus Mack …Henchman

Ted Mapes Ted Mapes …Miner

Leo J. McMahon …Barfly

Art Mix Art Mix …Henchman

Monte Montague Monte Montague …Joe

Jack Montgomery Jack Montgomery …Henchman

Post Park …Henchman

Edward Peil Sr. Edward Peil Sr. …Barfly

Pascale Perry …Hank

Trigger Trigger …Steve’s Horse

Henry Wills Henry Wills …Miner

Bob Woodward Bob Woodward …Henchman

Music by Milton Rosen

  • Musical director Cy Feuer
  • Title music by William Lava
  • Stock music by Joseph Nussbaum

Cinematography by Jack A. Marta

  • Supervising editor Murray Seldeen
  • Editing by Edward Mann

Production Manager Al Wilson

Stunts by Yakima Canutt, Art Dillard, Ted Mapes, Leo J. McMahon, Jack Montgomery,  Post Park, Henry Wills, Bob Woodward, Bill Yrigoyen, Joe Yrigoyen


Subtitles/Dubbed translations:

  • Brazilian Portugese: Legião da Fronteira
  • Greek: Tromokratai ton synoron/Τρομοκράται τον συνόρων
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Desert Gold, 1936 movie adaptation


1936: Desert Storm (Information from IMDB)

Plot: Chet Kasedon is after the Indians hidden gold mine but Chief Moya will not reveal it’s location. He has also hired mining engineers Gale and Mortimer to locate the mine. When Gale sees Kasedon’s cruelty to Moya, he switches sides. (IMDB)

Produced by Paramount Pictures

  • with Harold Hurley as producer,
  • and William T. Lackey as assistant producer.

Directed by James P. Hogan

  • Stanley Goldsmith as second assistant director

Adapted from Zane Grey’s novel “Desert Gold” (see my review) by Stuart Anthony and Robert Yost

Buster Crabbe Larry “Buster” Crabbe …Chief Moya

Tom Keene Tom Keene …Randolph Gale

Monte Blue Monte Blue …Chetley ‘Chet’ Kasedon

Marsha Hunt Marsha Hunt …Judy Belding

Robert Cummings Robert Cummings …Fordyce ‘Ford’ Mortimer

Raymond Hatton Raymond Hatton …Doc Belding

Frank Mayo Frank Mayo …Bert Lash – Henchman

Walter Miller Walter Miller …Hank Ladd – Henchman

Leif Erickson Leif (Glenn) Erickson …Glenn Kasedon
Billy Bletcher Billy Bletcher …Bob – a Wedding Guest

James P. Burtis …Sleeping Stage Passenger

Si Jenks Si Jenks …Stage Driver Bert

Willis Marks …J.T. Winters – Assayer

Robert McKenzie Robert McKenzie …Wedding Guest Serving Punch

John Merkyl John Merkyl …Tribal Elder

Art Mix Art Mix …Henchman

Philip Morris …Sentry
Gertrude Simpson …Wedding Guest
Ed Thorpe …Indian
Anders Van Haden …Tribal Elder

Cinematography by George T. Clemens

Film Editing by Chandler House

Art by Hans Dreier and David S. Garber

  • Set Decoration by A.E. Freudeman

Sound by Walter Oberst (recordist)

  • Adolph Zukor (presenter)


  • Danish: Kampen om guldminen
  • Portugese: Roubada a Tempo


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Wildfire: 1949 film-adaptation

Red Canyon, 1949: Information from IMDB

Red Canyon was one of several medium-budget, Technicolor westerns turned out by Universal-International between 1949 and 1959. Howard Duff plays wandering cowpoke Lin Sloane, who spends most of the film trying to capture a fabled wild stallion. While thus occupied, he finds time to romance Lucy Bostel (Ann Blyth), daughter of the region’s most influential horsebreeder (George Brent). Conflicts arise when Lucy intends to race the captured stallion, much to the dismay of her father; there’s also a major brouhaha involving Sloane’s disreputable family heritage. Red Canyon was adapted by Maurice Geraghty from a rugged novel by Zane Grey. (Film Affinity)

Produced by Universal International Pictures (Gilbert Kurland)

  • Producer Leonard Goldstein
  • Assistant producer Aaron Rosenberg

Directed by George Sherman

  • Assistant director John Sherwood

Screenplay adaptation by Maurice Geraghty

  • Supervised by Pat Betz

Ann Blyth Ann Blyth …Lucy Bostel

Howard Duff Howard Duff …Lin Sloane

George Brent George Brent …Matthew Bostel

Edgar Buchanan Edgar Buchanan …Jonah Johnson

John McIntire John McIntire …Floyd Cordt

Chill Wills Chill Wills …Marshal G.T. Brackton

Jane Darwell Jane Darwell …Aunt Jane

Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Bridges …Virgil Cordt

James Seay James Seay …Joel Creech

Edmund MacDonald Edmund MacDonald …Farlane

David Clarke David Clarke …Sears

Denver Pyle Denver Pyle …Hutch

Willard W. Willingham …Van

Ray Bennett Ray Bennett …Pronto

Johnny Carpenter …Townsman

Sonny Chorre …Indian

Edmund Cobb Edmund Cobb …Townsman

Tex Cooper Tex Cooper …Party Guest

Highland Dale …Black Velve

Mike Donovan …Party Guest

Slim Gaut …Townsman

Jack Kenny Jack Kenny …Townsman

Ethan Laidlaw Ethan Laidlaw …Ranch Hand

Hank Patterson Hank Patterson …Osborne

Phil Schumacher …Party Guest

Charles Soldani Charles Soldani …Indian

Hank Worden Hank Worden …Charley

Art by Bernard Herzbrun and Frank A. Richards

  • Sets by Russell A. Gausman and Joseph Kish

Camera and cinematography by Irving Glassberg, Everett Brown, Lloyd Hill, Eddie Jones and Richard Towers

  • Editing by Otto Ludwig
  • Colours by William Fritzsche and Natalie Kalmus

Music by Walter Scharf

  • Flute by Ethmer Roten
  • Sound by Leslie I. Carey and Vernon W. Kramer

Costume and Makeup by Rosemary Odell and Carmen Dirigo, Bud Westmore, Emmy Eckhardt and John G. Holden

Horse trainers Lester Hilton and Ralph McCutcheon

Stunts by Johnny Carpenter, Jackie Hamblin, Whitey Hughes and Phil Schumacher

Foreign sub-titles:

  • Austrian: Die rote Schlucht
  • Belgian: Le roi de la vallée
  • Brazil Portugese: Escrava do Ódio
  • Dutch: De Strijd in ‘t rotsgebergte
  • German: Hurrikan (TV) / Die rote Schlucht
  • Danish: De vilde hestes konge
  • Spanish: Huracán
  • Finnish: Tuliharja
  • French: Le mustang noir
  • Greek: Sto farángi tou trómou / Στο φαράγγι του τρόμου
  • Italian: Figlio del delitto
  • Portugese: Sangue Ardente
  • Swedish: De vilda hästarnas dal


  • Fred Blosser: Handsomely mounted and well acted, “Red Canyon” is an engaging, unpretentious tale about second chances that should be better known than it is.”
  • French forum for Western films: “Le jeu des acteurs secondaires est assez intéressant avec un (court) duo étonnant à l’écran : Chill Wills et Edgar Buchanan.”
  • Greenbriars Picture Shows: “… this was among loveliest-shot westerns the decade offered.”
  • James D’Arc: “School was cancelled and workers left their daily labor when Kanab locals were needed to get into costume and become a crowd at the Kanab Race Track for the horse-racing scenes …”
  • Jacqueline T. Lynch (Wonderful review): “Buchanan’s speech is so tangled up in the most outlandish and complicated blustering euphemisms that I’m surprised he could remember half his lines.  I’d love to see the outtakes; they’re real tongue-twisters and he had to have messed up sometimes.”
  • Once upon a time in a Western: “One of the better scenes is watching little Lucy’s reaction as she opens her birthday present from her dad, and finds it complete with corset, bustle and other female do-dads.”
  • Robert Cornell: “Only Chill Will’s typical character acting distinguishes this very minor and rather childish western.”
  • Scott O’Brien: “… Bostel mistakenly buys Lucy a frilly frock for her eighteenth birthday. He may as well have given her a cow pie.”
  • T.M.P., New York Times: “While “Red Canyon” is not a picture to create any special enthusiasm, it runs its course in agreeable enough fashion.”


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Drift Fence, 1936 film adaptation

Drift Fence (my book-review): Information from IMDB

Produced by Paramount Pictures, Harold Hurley, William T. Lackey and Henry Herzbrun

Directed by Otho Lovering

Adapted by Robert Yost and Stuart Anthony

Buster Crabbe Larry “Buster” Crabbe …Slinger Dunn

Katherine DeMille Katherine DeMille …Molly Dunn

Tom Keene Tom Keene …Jim Travis

Benny Baker Benny Baker …Jim Traft

Leif Erickson Glenn “Leif” Erickson …Curley Prentiss

Stanley Andrews Stanley Andrews …Clay Jackson

Effie Ellsler …Granny Dunn

Richard Carle Richard Carle …Sheriff Bingham

Jan Duggan Jan Duggan …Carrie Bingham

Irving Bacon Irving Bacon …Windy Watkins, Traft Foreman

Richard Alexander Richard Alexander …Henchman Seth Haverly

Budd Fine …Henchman Sam Haverly

Walter Long Walter Long …Bev Wilson

Curley Baldwin …Man at Dance

Ed Brady Ed Brady …Jackson Henchman

Charles Brinley Charles Brinley …Barfly

Jack Rube Clifford …Rodeo Announcer

Chester Gan Chester Gan …Clarence

Frank O'Connor Frank O’Connor …Bartender at Mace’s Saloon

Jack Pennick …Weary

Bob Reeves Bob Reeves …Henchman

Don Roberts …Guncheck Room Clerk

Henry Roquemore …Rodeo Judge

Tom Smith Tom Smith …Man at Dance

Cinematography by Virgil Miller

Film Editing by Everett Douglas

Art Direction by Hans Dreier and David S. Garber

Set Decoration by A.E. Freudeman

Sound recording by John Cope and Charles Hisserich

Composed by John Leipold and Ralph Rainger

Presented by Adolph Zukor

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The Call of the Canyon, 1923 film-clip

The Call of the Canyon (1923)

Glenn Kilbourne (Richard Dix) returns from the war and travels to Arizona to regain his health. There he is nursed back to health by an Arizona girl, Flo Hutter (Marjorie Daw). Kilbourne’s fiancée, Carley Burch (Lois Wilson), arrives in Arizona but soon becomes disillusioned with life in the West and returns to New York. Sometime later, Flo is seriously injured in an accident. Wanting to repay her for restoring him back to health, Glenn asks her to marry him. On their wedding day, Carley returns to Arizona from New York looking for Glenn. When Flo sees that Glenn and Carley are still in love, she calls off her wedding to Glenn and marries another admirer, Lee Stanton (Leonard Clapham). (Wikipedia)

Directed by Victor Fleming
Written by Zane Grey, Adapted by Edfrid A. Bingham and Doris Schroeder

Produced by Paramount Pictures

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification
Richard Dix Richard Dix… Glenn Kilbourne
Lois Wilson Lois Wilson…Carley Burch
Marjorie Daw Marjorie Daw …Flo Hunter

Noah Beery Noah Beery …Haze Ruff

Ricardo Cortez Ricardo Cortez …Larry Morrison

Fred Huntley …Tom Hutter

Lillian Leighton Lillian Leighton …Mrs. Hutter

Helen Dunbar Helen Dunbar …Aunt Mary

Tom London Tom London …Lee Stanton (as Leonard Clapham)

Eddie Clayton …Tenney Jones (as Edward Clayton)

Dorothy Seastrom Dorothy Seastrom …Eleanor Harmon

Laura Anson …Beatrice Lovell

Charles Richards …Roger Newton

Ralph Yearsley …Charlie Oatmeal

Arthur Rankin Arthur Rankin …Virgil Rust

Mervyn LeRoy Mervyn LeRoy …Jack Rawlins

Cinematography by James Wong Howe

Props by Henry Hathaway

Costume and Wardrobe by Mervyn LeRoy

Presented by Jesse L. Lasky

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West of the Pecos, 1945 filmadaptation

West of the Pecos, 1945. Information from IMDB

“Heading west for his health, Colonel Lambeth takes his daughter Rill along. Lost on the desert they are saved by Pecos and Chito. The Colonel hires the two and the Lambeths soon find themselves mixed up in Pecos’ trouble. Pecos has killed Sawtelle’s brother and Sawtelle as head of the vigilantes is after him.” (Maurice VanAuken)

Produced by RKO Radio Pictures

  • Executive producer Sid Rogell
  • Producer Herman Schlom

Directed by Edward Killy

  • Assistant director Harry Mancke

Adapted by Norman Houston

Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum …Pecos Smith

Barbara Hale Barbara Hale …Rill Lambeth

Richard Martin Richard Martin …Chito Rafferty

Thurston Hall Thurston Hall …Colonel Lambeth

Rita Corday Rita Corday …Suzanne

Russell Hopton Russell Hopton …Jeff Slinger

Bill Williams Bill Williams …Stage Guard Tex

Bruce Edwards Bruce Edwards …Clyde Corbin

Harry Woods Harry Woods …Brad Sawtelle

Perc Launders …Sam Sawtelle

Bryant Washburn Bryant Washburn …Doc Howard

Philip Morris …U.S. Marshal

Martin Garralaga Martin Garralaga …Don Manuel

Robert Andersen Robert Andersen …Gambler

Alfredo Berumen …Alfredo

Eumenio Blanco …Party Guest

Sammy Blum …Gambler

Archie Butler …Vigilante

Italia DeNubila …Dancer

John Eberts …Party Guest

Jack Gargan …Ed – The Bartender

Edmund Glover Edmund Glover …Undetermined

Carmen Grenada …Spanish Girl

Herman Hack Herman Hack …Gambler

Carl Kent Carl Kent …Undetermined

Ethan Laidlaw Ethan Laidlaw …Vigilante Henchman

Allan Lee …Four-Up Driver

Frank O'Connor Frank O’Connor …Vigilante

Cliff Parkinson …Vigilante

Jose Portugal …Party Guest

Paul Ravel …Party Guest

Joe Rickson …Joe – Townsman

Jason Robards Sr. Jason Robards Sr. …Undetermined

Robert Robinson …Townsman

Ariel Sherry …Mexican Girl

Jack Tornek Jack Tornek …Townsman

Virginia Wave …Mexican Girl

Larry Wheat Larry Wheat …Butler

Henry Wills Henry Wills …Vigilante

Art by Lucius O. Croxton and Albert S. D’Agostino

  • Set decoration by Darrell Silvera and William Stevens

Cinematography by Harry J. Wild

  • On second camera Charles Straumer

Music composed by Paul Sawtell

  • Music directed by C. Bakaleinikoff
  • Mixed by Earl B. Mounce
  • Sounds created by John E. Tribby
  • Sound recordings by Terry Kellum

Costume Design by Renié (Irene Brouillet)

Film Editing by Roland Gross

Stunts by Henry Wills

Dubbed foreign editions:

  • Brazilian Portugese: A Oeste de Pecos
  • French: A l’Ouest du Pecos
  • Italian: Bella Aventura
  • Spanish: La gran aventura
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The Arizona Raiders, 1936 film adaptation

The Arizona Raiders, 1936

Laramie Nelson (Buster Crabbe) falsely accused of horse-stealing, is about to be strung up by a posse when a sudden lurch of his horse knocks down his would-be executioners, and he makes his escape. He soon comes upon another hanging posse and saves “Honest” Tracks Williams (Raymond Hatton), accused of a long, long list of minor crimes, and the two ride off together. They come to a small Arizona town, and their first encounter is with attorney Monroe Adams (Grant Withers) and his client, Harriet Lindsay (Marsha Hunt), owner of the large, prosperous Spanish Peaks ranch. Harriet and Adams have come to town to stop the marriage of her young sister, Lenta (Betty Jane Rhodes), to shy young Alonzo “Lonesome” Mulhall (Johnny Downs). They are successful, and Alonzo is jailed, along with Tracks, following his attempt to shoot up the town. Tracks offers to arrange an elopement for Alonzo as soon as they are out of jail. Laramie gets them out of jail ahead of schedule by stampeding a herd of … Written by Les Adams <>

Directed by James P. Hogan

Adapted from Zane Grey’s “Raiders of Spanish Peaks” by Robert Yost and John W. Krafft

Cast (in credits order)

Buster Crabbe Buster Crabbe Laramie Nelson (as Larry Crabbe)
Raymond Hatton Raymond Hatton Tracks Williams
Marsha Hunt Marsha Hunt Harriett Lindsay
Betty Jane Rhodes Betty Jane Rhodes Lenta Lindsay (as Jane Rhodes)
Johnny Downs Johnny Downs Lonesome Alonzo Q. Mulhall
Grant Withers Grant Withers Monroe Adams, Harriett’s lawyer
Don Rowan Henchman Luke Arledge
Arthur Aylesworth Arthur Aylesworth Andy Winthrop
Richard Carle Richard Carle Boswell Albernathy, Justice of the Peace
Petra Silva Tiny – the Maid
Ken Cooper Ken Cooper Lynch Mob Member
Augie Gomez Cowboy
Spike Spackman Cowboy
James P. Burtis Second Sheriff at Hanging (uncredited)
Bob Card Bob Card Deputy (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood First Sheriff at Hanging (uncredited)
Billy Lee Billy Lee Little Boy (uncredited)

Produced by A.M. Botsford and Daniel Keefe
Cinematography by Leo Tover
Film Editing by Chandler House
Art Direction by Hans Dreier and Robert Odell
Set Decoration by interior decorator A.E. Freudeman
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Harry Scott
Sound Department by sound recordists Charles Hisserich and Don Johnson
Stunts by Ken Cooper and Spike Spackman
Composed by Gerard Carbonara, Hugo Friedhofer, Sigmund Krumgold, John Leipold and Heinz Roemheld
Presenter Adolph Zukor

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Wildfire – 1923 film adaptation

1922: When Romance Rides. Information found on IMdB

“When Zane Grey‘s novel, Wildfire, was filmed here, it somehow turned into a hoary Drury Lane-style melodrama, set in the West instead of England. While chasing an unruly colt through the hills, Lin Slone (Carl Gantvoort) is knocked unconscious. Lucy Bostil (Claire Adams) finds him — a stroke of luck, since her father (Charles Arling), who owns a stable, has a formidable rival in the villainous Bill Cordts (Harry L. Van Meter). Cordts will do anything to make sure his horse beats out Bostil’s in the next race, including drugging the steed. Slone has trained his colt, named Wildfire, to carry a rider, and he gives him to Lucy, providing she ride it in the race. She does, and Wildfire wins. But the story’s not over yet — in one last bit of villainy, Cordts and his half-wit accomplice, Joel Creech (a not-very half-witted Jean Hersholt), kidnap Lucy. Sloan, of course, heads into the mountains and rescues her for the requisite ending clinch. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

Produced by Benjamin B. Hampton Productions Co.

Directed by Jean Hersholt, Eliot Howe and Charles O. Rush

Adapted by Benjamin B. Hampton based on WildfireMy review of the novel)


Claire Adams Claire Adams …Lucy Bostil

Carl Gantvoort Carl Gantvoort …Lin Slone

Jean Hersholt Jean Hersholt …Joel Creech

Harry von Meter Harry von Meter …Bill Cordts

Charles Arling Charles Arling …Bostil

Mary Jane Irving …’Bostie’ Bostil

Tod Sloan …Holley

Audrey Chapman …Lucy’s Chum

Frank Hayes Frank Hayes …Dr. Binks

Helen Howard …Lucy’s Chum

Stanley J. Bingham …Dick Sears

Walter Perkins …Thomas Brackton

Babe London Babe London …Sally Brackton

John Beck …Van

Cinematography by William M. Edmond and Gus Peterson

Also released in Portugese as Romance da Planície



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Film adaptations of “The Border Legion”: 1918, 1924, 1930, 1934

The Border Legion: my book review

1918: The Border Legion (Silent movie in black and white)

Produced by Goldwyn Pictures Productions

Directed by T. Hayes Hunter

  • Assistant director Claude Camp

Adapted by Victor de Viliers and Lawrence Marston

Cast (in credits order)

Blanche Bates Blanche Bates …Joan Randall; Hobart Bosworth Hobart Bosworth …Jack Kells; Eugene Strong …Jim Cleve; Kewpie Morgan Kewpie Morgan …Gorilla Gulden; Russell Simpson Russell Simpson …Overland Bradley; Arthur Morrison Arthur Morrison …Sheriff Roberts; Bull Montana Bull Montana …Red Pierce; Richard Souzade …Bate Wood; Kate Elmore …Mrs. Wood

Cinematography by Abe Scholtz

Film Editing by Alex Troffey


1924: The Border Legion (Silent movie in black-and-white)

Produced by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Directed by William K. Howard

Adapted for screen by George C. Hull

Cast (in credits order)

Antonio Moreno Antonio Moreno …Jim Cleve; Helene Chadwick Helene Chadwick …Joan Randle; Rockliffe Fellowes Rockliffe Fellowes …Kells; Gibson Gowland Gibson Gowland …Gulden; Charles Ogle Charles Ogle …Harvey Roberts; Jim Corey Jim/James Corey …Pearce; Eddie Gribbon Eddie/Edward Gribbon …Blicky; Luke Cosgrave Luke Cosgrave …Bill Randle

Cinematography by Alvin Wyckoff

Presented by Jesse L. Lasky and Adolph Zukor

  • French: Les loups de la frontière
  • Portugese: Os Dramas do Oeste


1930: Border Legion (Mono sound in black-and-white format)

Produced by Paramount Publix Corporation
Directed by Otto Brower and Edwin H. Knopf
Adapted for film by Percy Heath and Edward E. Paramore Jr.
Cast (in credits order)

Jack HoltJack Holt…Jack Kells; Fay WrayFay Wray…Joan Randall; Richard ArlenRichard Arlen…Jim Cleve; Eugene PalletteEugene Pallette…Bunco Davis;Stanley FieldsStanley Fields…Hack Gulden; E.H. CalvertE.H. Calvert…Judge Savin; Ethan Allen…George Randall; Syd SaylorSyd Saylor…Shrimp; Hank BellHank Bell…Kells Gang Member; Jim CoreyJim Corey…Kells Gang Member; Pat HarmonPat Harmon.

Music by Oscar Potoker
Cinematography by Mack Stengler
Film Editing by Doris Drought
Casting By Fred A. Datig
Sound by Earl S. Hayman
Camera by Eddie New
Casting assistant Dick Stockton
Subtitles/dubbed to:

  • Austrian: Goldgräber in Not
  • Brazilian Portugese: A Legião dos Celerados
  • Greek: Legeon ton synoron

1934: The Last Round-Up (Mono sound in black-and-white format)

Produced by Paramount Pictures

  • Producer Harold Hurley

Directed by Henry Hathaway

  • Assistant director Neil Wheeler

Adapted for film by Jack Cunningham


Randolph ScottRandolph Scott…Jim Cleve; Barbara FritchieBarbara (Adams) Fritchie…Joan Randall; Monte BlueMonte Blue…Jack Kells; Fred KohlerFred Kohler…Sam Gulden; Fuzzy KnightFuzzy Knight…Charles Bunko McGee; Richard CarleRichard Carle…Judge Savin; Barton MacLaneBarton MacLane…Charley Benson; Charles MiddletonCharles B. Middleton…Sheriff; Frank RiceFrank Rice…Shrimp; Dick Rush…Rush; Buck ConnorsBuck Connors…Old Man Tracy; Robert (Bob) Miles…Scarface; Sam AllenSam Allen…First Miner; Ben CorbettBen Corbett…Second Miner; Jack (Merrill) Holmes…Bartender; Jim CoreyJim Corey…First Outlaw; Jim MasonJim (James) Mason…Second Outlaw; Charles BrinleyCharles Brinley…Rancher; Charles Murphy…Rancher; Bud OsborneBud Osborne…(uncredited)

Music by Herman Hand

Cinematography by Archie Stout

Sub-titles/dubbed to:

  • Austrian: Todeslegion
  • Brazilian Portugese: O Último Assalto
  • Danish: De Lovløses Brigade
  • Spanish: El último rodeo


  • Mordaunt Hall (New York Times): “… Jim Cleve, a handsome fellow who does not seem to be long on brains …”
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Film adaptations of Desert Gold: 1919/1926

My book review

1919: Desert Gold: Information from IMDB

Produced by Zane Grey Productions

Directed by T. Hayes Hunter

Adapted by Fred Myton


E.K. Lincoln E.K. Lincoln …Dick Gale; W.H. Bainbridge William H. Bainbridge …Jim Belding; Frank Brownlee Frank Brownlee …Jonas Warren; Lawson Butt Lawson W. Butt …The Yaqui; Jeanne CarpenterJeanne Carpenter; Edward Coxen Edward Coxen …Captain George Thorne; Beulah Dark Cloud …Papago Indian Mother; Mary Jane IrvingMary Jane Irving …The Child; Frank Lanning Frank Lanning …Papago Indian Son; Walter Long Walter Long …Rojas; Arthur MorrisonArthur Morrison …Lash; Eileen Percy Eileen Percy …Nell; Russell Simpson Russell Simpson …Ladd; Margery Wilson Margery Wilson …Mercedes Castenada; Laura Winston …Mrs. Belding

Cinematography by Abraham “Abe” Scholtz and Arthur L. Todd

Translated sub-titles into:

  • Danish: The Wild West
  • French: Le secret de l’or

1926: Desert Gold: Silent movie (Information from IMDB)

Produced by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

  • Producers Jesse L. Lasky and Adolph Zuker

Directed by George B. Seitz

Adapted by Lucien Hubbard


Neil Hamilton Neil Hamilton …George Thorne; Shirley Mason Shirley Mason …Mercedes Castanada; Robert Frazer Robert Frazer …Dick Gale; William Powell William Powell …Snake Landree; Josef Swickard Josef Swickard …Sebastian Castaneda; George Irving George Irving …Richard Stanton Gale; Eddie Gribbon Eddie Gribbon …One-Found Kelley; Frank Lackteen Frank Lackteen …Yaqui; Richard Howard …Sergeant; Bernard Siegel Bernard Siegel …Goat Herder; Aline Goodwin …Alarcon’s Wife; Ralph Yearsley …Halfwit; George Regas George Regas …Verd

Cinematography by Charles Edgar Schoenbaum

Supervised by B.P. Schulberg and Hector Turnbull

Translated sub-titles into

  • Austrian: Der Schrecken der Steinwüste
  • Brazil portugese: A Protegida
  • Danish: Ørkenguld
  • French: La roche qui tue
  • Polish: Pustynne zloto
  • Swedish: Guld, kvinnor och äventyr


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Film adaptation of Arizona Ames

My review of Arizona Ames

1937: Thunder Trail (based on Arizona Ames)

  • Directed by Charles Barton
  • Screenplay by Robert Yost and Stuart Anthony
  • Starring: Gilbert Roland, Charles Bickford, Marsha Hunt, J. Carrol Naish, James Craig and Monte Blue
  • Cinematography by Karl Struss
  • Edited by John F. Link Sr.


Dubbed into following languages:

  • Brazilian: Caprichos do Destino
  • UK: Thunder Pass
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Films based on Riders of the Purple Sage

1918: Riders of the Purple Sage

  • Directed by Frank Lloyd
  • Produced by Fox Film Corporation
  • Starring WilliamFarnum and MaryMersch
    • With William Scott, Marc Robbins, Murdock MacQuarrie, Kathryn Adams, Nancy Caswell and J. Holmes

Translated to:

  • Portugese: O Vingador Peregrino
  • Danish: Mormon-Præsten


1941: Riders of the Purple Sage, (Cavaleiros do Deserto)

  • Directed by James Tinling
  • Produced by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.
  • Starring George Montgomery and Mary Howard
    • With Robert Barrat, Lynne Roberts, Kane Richmond, Patsy Patterson, Richard Lane


Riders of the Purple Sage (1996)

  • Directed by Charles Haid
  • Produced by Ed Harris, Thomas John Kane, Amy Madigan, David A. Rosemont, Stella Theodoulou
  • Starring: Ed Harris and Amy Madigan
    • With: Tom Bower, G.D. Spradling, Henry Thomas, Robin Tunney, Norbert Weisser



  • 1997: American Society of Cinematographers: Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Movies of the Week/Pilots
  • 1997: Western Heritage Awards: Bronze Wrangler: Television Feature Film


Riders of the Purple Sage – the novel

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Films adaptation of “The Last Trail” 1921, 1927, 1933

My review of the novel

The Last Trail - 1921

1921: The Last Trail

Directed by Emmett J. Flynn

Adapted by Jules Furthman and Paul Schofield


Maurice 'Lefty' FlynnMaurice ‘Lefty’ Flynn…The Stranger; Eva NovakEva Novak…Winifred Samson; Wallace BeeryWallace Beery…William Kirk; Rosemary ThebyRosemary Theby…Chiquita; Charles K. FrenchCharles K. French…Sheriff Nelson; Harry SpinglerHarry Spingler…Campbell; Harry Dunkinson…Kenworth Samson

Cinematography by Lucien N. Andriot

Presented by William Fox


Released in France as L’épervier noir in 1923

1927: The Last Trail

Directed by Lew Seiler

Adapted by John Stone


Tom MixTom Mix…Tom Dane; Carmelita GeraghtyCarmelita Geraghty…Nita Carrol; William B. DavidsonWilliam B. Davidson…Kurt Morley; Jerry Madden…Tommy Pascal; Frank HagneyFrank Hagney…Henchman Cal Barker; Lee ShumwayLee Shumway…Sheriff Joe Pascal; Robert BrowerRobert Brower…Sam Beasley; Oliver EckhardtOliver Eckhardt…Jasper Carrol; Frank Beal…Bert Summers;Tony the Horse…Tony, Tom’s Horse; Charles BrinleyCharles Brinley…Fort Man; William McCallWilliam McCall…Townsman

Cinematography by Daniel B. Clark

Film Editing by Robert Bischoff

The film does not seem similar to the book at all.


1933: The Last Trail

Produced by Sol M. Wurtzel

Directed by James Tinling

  • Assistant director Percy Ikerd

Adapted by Stuart Anthony, Hugh Cummings, Mauri Grashin and Paul Perez


George O'BrienGeorge O’Brien…Tom Daley; Claire TrevorClaire Trevor…Patricia Carter; El BrendelEl Brendel…Newt Olsen; Matt McHugh, 1894-1971Matt McHugh…Looney McGann; J. Carrol NaishJ. Carrol Naish…John Ross; George ReedGeorge Reed…Japonica Jones; Lucille La VerneLucille La Verne…Mrs. Wilson; Ruth Warren…Sally Scott Olsen; Luis AlberniLuis Alberni…Pedro Gonzales; Edward LeSaintEdward LeSaint…Judge Wilson; Frank BakerFrank Baker…Chief; Stanley BlystoneStanley Blystone…Motorcycle Cop; Jimmy Conlin, 1884-1962Jimmy Conlin…Jimmy, Train Passenger; Dick ElliottDick Elliott…Train Passenger; Grace Goodall…Train Passenger; Otto Han…Cook; Cornelius KeefeCornelius Keefe…Frank Briggs, Henchman; Chris-Pin MartinChris-Pin Martin…Mexican Officer; LeRoy MasonLeRoy Mason…Withers, Henchman; Lee Phelps…Motorcycle Officer; Charles SherlockCharles Sherlock…Rod, Henchman; Buster SlavenBuster Slaven…Freckle-Faced Kid; Max WagnerMax Wagner…Duke Thompson, Henchman; Delmar Watson, 1926-2008Delmar Watson…Pupil with Tom’s Hat

Music by Max Wagner and Arthur Lange

Cinematography by Arthur C. Miller

Film Editing by Barney Wolf

Casting by Phil M. Friedman

Costume Design by Royer

Sound by Bernard Freericks and Harold A. Root

Stunt double for George O’Brien: Cliff Lyons

Camera by Joseph LaShelle, Billy Abbott, Harry Webb and Ray Nolan

Casting by Mozelle Britton and Harvey Clermont


  • El Brendel
  • Hal Erickson
  • Hammond Times, Friday January 19, 1934: “Romance and comedy are reported as the twin keynotes of Zane Grey’s latest film for Fox, “The Last Trail.””


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Films based on “Fighting Caravans”

1931: Fighting Caravans: Information from IMDB

Directed by Otto Brower and David Burton
Screenplay by Edward E. Paramore, Jr., Keene Thomspson, Agnes Brand Leahy and Arthur Caesar


Gary Cooper Gary Cooper …Clint Belmet Lili Damita Lili Damita …Felice Ernest Torrence Ernest Torrence …Bill Jackson Tully Marshall Tully Marshall …Jim Bridger Fred Kohler Fred Kohler …Lee Murdock Eugene Pallette Eugene Pallette …Seth Roy Stewart Roy Stewart …Couch May Boley May Boley …Jane Eve Southern Eve Southern …Faith Frank Campeau Frank Campeau …Jeff Moffitt Charles Winninger Charles Winninger …Marshall Frank Hagney Frank Hagney …Renegade

Oscar Apfel Oscar Apfel …Minor Role Irving Bacon Irving Bacon …Mustachioed Barfly Chief John Big Tree Chief John Big Tree …Indian Chief Chris Willow Bird Chris Willow Bird …Apache Indian Frank Brownlee Frank Brownlee …Minor Role Jack Carlyle …Minor Role; Blue Cloud …Navajo Indian Iron Eyes Cody Iron Eyes Cody …Indian After Firewater Bill Cooley …Minor Role Rae Daggett …Minor Role Jane Darwell Jane Darwell …Pioneer Woman Sidney De Gray Sidney De Gray …Minor Role (uncredited)Clifford Dempsey Clifford Dempsey …Minor Role (uncredited)Walter Downing Walter Downing …Minor Role (uncredited)James Durkin James Durkin …Minor Role Chief White Eagle Chief White Eagle …Indian (uncredited)Peggy Elinor Peggy Elinor …Minor Role (uncredited)Jim Farley Jim Farley …Amos Pauline French Pauline French …Pioneer Woman (uncredited)Rosa Gore Rosa Gore …Pioneer Woman High Eagle High Eagle …Mission Indian (uncredited)Helen Hunt Helen Hunt …Pioneer Woman (uncredited)Dolores Johnson Dolores Johnson …Minor Role (uncredited)Jane Keckley Jane Keckley …Pioneer Woman (uncredited)Harry Lamont Harry Lamont …Minor Role Harry Lee Harry Lee …Minor Role (uncredited)Donald MacKenzie Donald MacKenzie …Gus James A. Marcus James A. Marcus …The Blacksmith Merrill McCormick Merrill McCormick …Townsman (uncredited)Guy Oliver Guy Oliver …Minor Role Tiny Sandford Tiny Sandford …Man at Wagon Train (uncredited)Syd Saylor Syd Saylor …Charlie Scott Seaton Scott Seaton …Minor Role Harry Semels Harry Semels …Brawler (uncredited)Ernest Shields Ernest Shields …Minor Role (uncredited)Bruce Warren Bruce Warren …Minor Role (uncredited)E. Alyn Warren E. Alyn Warren …Barlow White Cloud White Cloud …Choctaw Indian (uncredited)Chief White Feather Chief White Feather …Iroquois Indian (uncredited)

Music by Max Bergunkerm, Emil Bierman, A. Cousminer, Karl Hajos, Herman Hand, Emil Hilb, Sigmund Krumgold, John Leipold and Oscar Potoker
Cinematography by Lee Garmes and Henry W. Gerrard
Film Editing by William Shea
Art Direction by Robert Odell
Sound by Earl S. Hayman
Stunts by Spike Spackman
Camera and Electrical equipment by Francis Burgess, Warner Cruze, Russell Harlan, Art Lane, Warren Lynch, Fred Mayer, Guy Roe, Frank Titus and Cliff Shirpser
Presenter: Adolph Zukor


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Films based on “The Heritage of the Desert”

The Heritage of the Desert – the novel

1924: Heritage of the Desert,

  • Produced by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
  • Directed by Irvin Willat
  • Starring Bebe Daniels, Ernest Torrence, Noah Beery and Lloyd Hughes

1932: When the West Was Young based on Heritage of the Desert“Land thieves and bandits battling pioneer settlers of the West!”

  • Available on
  • Produced by Harold Hurley
  • Directed by Henry Hathaway
  • Starring Randolph Scott, Sally Blane, J. Farrell MacDonald, Vince Barnett, and David Landau


1939: Heritage of the Desert

  • Available on YouTube
  • Produced by Paramount Pictures
  • Directed by Lesley Selander
  • Starring Sidney Toler, Evelyn Venable, Donald Woods


Foreign dubbings:

  • Herança do Deserto (Brazil and Portugal)
  • Djævlepasset (Denmark)
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