Films based on “The Last Trail”

15 Sep

The Last Trail – the novel

The Last Trail - 1921

1921: The Last Trail

Released in France as L’épervier noir in 1923

Directed by Emmett J. Flynn

Starring: Maurice “Lefty” Flynn, Eva Novak, Wallace Beery, Rosemary Theby, Charles K. French, Harry Spingler, Harry Dunkinson


1927: The Last Trail

The film does not seem similar to the book at all. IMDb gives a short synopsis.

Directed by Lew Seiler

Starring: Tom Mix, Carmelita Geraghty, William Davidson, Frank S. Hagney, Lee Shumway, Robert Brower, Oliver Eckhardt and others, based on a story by Zane Grey,


1933: The Last Trail

Directed by James Tinling

Starring George O’Brien, Claire Trevor, El Brendel, Matt McHugh, J. Carrol Naish, George Reed, Lucille La Verne, Ruth Warren, Luis Alberni and Edward Le Saint


  • El Brendel
  • Hal Erickson
  • Hammond Times, Friday January 19, 1934: “Romance and comedy are reported as the twin keynotes of Zane Grey’s latest film for Fox, “The Last Trail.””


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