Films based on “Fighting Caravans”

31 May

1931: Blazing Arrows/Fighting Caravans, This film was re-titled “Blazing Arrows” for broadcast on television and features performances and cameos by Ernest Torrence, Tully Marshal, Eugene Palette, Jane Darwell, Iron Eyes Cody and Charles Winninger.

A youthful Cooper portrays Clint Belmet, a trail guide facing a jail term on trumped up charges. To avoid arrest, Clint finds French-born Felice (Lily Damita) and asks to pose as her fiancé. Felice is looking to join a wagon train heading from Independence, Missouri to Sacramento, California and agrees to the arrangement. The “arrangement” starts off with hostility but eventually changes to true love over the course of the journey. Eventually, Clint becomes the wagon train’s sole trail guide and he is forced to assume some responsibility for the first time in his life. Clint ends up guide the group across the wilderness and rescuing the other passengers from the villainous actions of notorious gun-runner Lee Murdock (Fred Kohler) as well as an Indian attack.


  • Produced by Paramount
  • Directed by Otto Brower and David Burton
  • Screenplay by Edward E. Paramore Jr.; Keene Thompson and Agnes Brand Leahy
  • Photographed by Lee Garmes and Henry Gerrard
  • Starring: Gary Cooper, Lily Damita, Fred Kohler, Ernest Torrence and Tully Marshall


1934: Wagon Wheels (Fighting Caravans), starring Randolph Scott and Gail Patrick


  • Produced by Harold Hurley
  • Directed by Charles Barton
  • Screen play by Jack Cunningham, Adapted by Charles Logue and Carl A. Buss
  • Photography by William C. Mellor
  • Starring: Randolph Scott, Gail Patrick, Billy Lee, Monte Blue, Raymond Hatton, Olin Howland, Jan Duggan and Leila Bennett


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